Detouur helps you discover hidden places and meet local people through artisanal experiences.

Rather than the pilgrimage to your local lattice tower or popular shopping street, we wanted to create a guide to help travelers navigate their journey into the heart of Japan.  As journeys within and across countries become more fluid, traveling is a social pursuit we must invest in now more than ever. It drives growth, inspires unique experiences and fosters adaptability in a fast-changing world. Diverse connections are necessary because we acknowledge that great things rarely happen alone—unity interlaced with diversity is the strongest asset we can create and own. By introducing people into a space where multicultural experiences are shared freely, we can challenge and push past our comfort zones, and learn to see the world through multiple perspectives.

We understand that local spots are not always accessible to foreign visitors, and while some may like a tour planned to the tee, we also recognize that there are adventurers who yearn for experiences that are a little hard to get to, a little unusual, but offer an enormous amount of insight to the local community and lifestyle. At Detouur, you can easily connect and book experiences that are off the beaten track.

We believe in connecting people the Detouur way.

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