Amex Centurion

Knead and cut soba noodles, and enjoy your own delicious creation

Knead and cut soba noodles, and enjoy your own delicious creation


American Express Centurion x Detouur
Soba-Making Experience

April 15th, 2019
Mr. Madhur Gupta
Guests: Nine
*Includes English Translation

Experience Includes |

  • 10min - Change into cooking uniform

  • 10min - Brief introduction to soba flour and different kinds of soba

  • 50min - Knead and cut soba noodles

  • 20min- Enjoy your own soba!

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About Soba |

Soba | so-ba
Japanese Buckwheat Noodles

Beginning in the Edo Period, soba noodles became a household food staple in Japan. Soba, which are noodles made from buckwheat flour, are served either cold with chilled “tsuyu” sauce or hot with dashi broth. In Japan, you will often hear people slurp soba noodles because it is said to enhance the flavor of the soba and communicates enjoyment of the noodles. With the intake of breath through slurping, the fragrance of the soba can also be enjoyed, engaging all five of the senses. It is traditional to eat soba noodles on New Years’ Eve, a practice which continues today that symbolizes a desire for a healthy, long life-- long, like noodles! Soba is still a widely popular food choice found throughout Japan, enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike. Learn the ins and outs of soba making from a couple who has had over 30 years of experience in their restaurant. Enjoy your plate of handmade soba and friendly conversation with the hosts!

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