Onigiri Café Risaku



Onigiri Café Risaku おにぎりカフェ利さく
OPEN HOURS: Thur - Tue 8:00-19:00
ADDRESS: 2-31-6 Sendagi, Bunkyo, Tokyo  
TEL: +81 3 5834 7292

You probably came accross おにぎり (Onigiri) a couple of times during your stay in the Land of the Rising Sun. Whether stopping by the konbini or in a station shop before catching a train, the rice and seaweed based meal is perfect to satisfy your craving. Despite its fame for being the perfect “to-go meal”, the onigiri can be perfected to an artistic level as well! You should take the time to sit down and enjoy the variety of onigiris served in this cafe. Not only are they handmade, but also prepared with products of quality.