Open hours: Mon-Sat 16:00~21:00 / Sun 15:00~20:30
Address: 7-1-3 Tateishi, Katsushika, Tokyo
Tel: +81 3-3697-7025

If you are a chicken lover, you will love Torifusa. Torifusa kept its original facade and atmosphere since its opening in 1955, serving chicken based meals. When entering the shop, you are expected to shout “Niwatori no hanmi o ageta mono” meaning “half chicken karaage” (although it is not an obligation). All jokes aside, Torifusa has a list of rules that they urge you follow; customers must not be intoxicated before entering, all customers must order one half chicken karaage, shoes must be stored wherever they tell you to, etcetera. Prepare yourself for an authentic shitamachi cuisine experience where knees touch and customers are scolded by the store masters!