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We connect curious travelers with authentic Japanese traditions.

There’s nothing more special than that feeling of ‘wow’ said under one’s breath – a reaction reserved for truly wonderful discoveries.
From the warm hospitality of a master sharing their art, to the wonder of crafting using ancient techniques, it’s our mission to help you create lifelong memories of a deeper Japan.


Explore Tokyo area experiences


Feel the fire of a katana forged before your eyes.


Mend broken pottery with gold using this centuries-old technique.


Watch ringside at a real Sumo training session.


Dye your own garment with Japan’s deep indigo.


Discover Kansai area experiences


Explore the heart of sake at a 6th generation Osaka brewery.


Craft your own gorgeous Geisha hair ornament in Kyoto.


Hand make Japanese sweets almost too beautiful to eat.


Calm your spirit with the ancient ritual of samurai tea.


Meet our master artisans

I find joy in creating a sword that supports the spiritual needs of the client – one that can be handed down generations for hundreds of years.
— Fusahiro Shimojima, Katana Swordsmith
Suguru, Karate Master

Suguru, Karate Master

Hajime, Shikki Master

Hajime, Shikki Master

Nobuko, Biwa Performer

Nobuko, Biwa Performer


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