Kansai Area

Private geisha dining at exclusive teahouse

Private geisha dining at exclusive teahouse

from 600.00

Lunch: $600 per person. Dinner: $1400 per person. Minimum of two participants required. Solo guest may book at the price of two participants.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime time of entertainment with Japan’s mythical geisha in the oldest geisha district of Japan. Held at an ‘invitation-only’ geisha lodging/teahouse, this is an exclusive experience showcasing the ultimate in Japanese hospitality.
Geisha are master entertainers and conversationalist, so the atmosphere will be magically fun. Guests often have many questions about the lifestyle of geisha—what better way to find out than to ask them yourself?

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Experience Includes |

Lunch (10 people max)

  • Presence of 1 maiko who will provide delightful entertainment, including Ozashiki Asobi (traditional geisha games)

  • Bento lunch with one beverage

  • Photo-session

Dinner (12 people max)

  • Luxurious 10-course Japanese kaiseki meal

  • Unlimited drinks (Beer, sake, cocktails, soft drinks)

  • Presence of 3 geishas (maiko, geiko, and one Jikata, a shamisen specialist) who will provide delightful entertainment, including Ozashiki Asobi (traditional geisha drinking games) and dance performances

  • Photo-session

You will be accompanied by a friendly guide who will interpret in English. Before the meal, the guide will explain the rules and etiquette expected of guests , and interpret so you can get to know the amazing geisha!

Availability |

Lunch: 1-3pm
Dinner: 6-9pm

Number of Participants:

Bookings must be made at least two weeks in advance and are subject to the availability of the teahouse. Get in touch to check availability below—we’d love to show you the most memorable dinner of your life!


Kamigyo, Kyoto
30 min from Kyoto Sta.

Offered in Japanese
with English interpretation

120-180 min Experience

10-12 people max.

About geisha |

 With their white-painted faces, crimson lips and ornate kimonos, geisha are instantly recognizable as a symbol of Japan, though still shrouded in mystery. While their role is often misunderstood in part because of the recent influence of  “Memoirs of a Geisha”, they are not courtesans, but are master entertainers, classically trained in the arts of traditional Japan music, dance, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and witty conversation. Their training is rigorous, with a one year trial period as a ‘shikomi’ before being accepted as a ‘maiko’ (an apprentice geisha) at age 15 or 16, after which they continue honing their skills for another four years or so until becoming full-fledged geisha. Living communally in lodging called ‘okiya’, where maiko are trained, they are managed by an older woman, a former geisha herself, called an ‘okamisan’ or ‘okaasan’ who they are indebted to under contract. In the evenings, they attend private dinner parties at an ‘ochaya’ or teahouse, delighting guests with their otherworldly beauty and unparalleled hospitality. For guests to enter an ochaya to be entertained by geisha, they must be referred or invited, adding to the mystique surrounding the traditions of the geisha. Kyoto boasts the oldest and most authentic geisha culture, and catching a glimpse of a maiko walking to her next dinner appointment has left many a traveler breathless. We invite you to take one step further, into this exclusive and magical world, to personally interact with a geisha yourself.


Things to note |

  • Who can come? Children are welcome to join the dinner. Children aged 5 years and under can join for free. Children 6 years and above will be charged the full rate. The teahouse is not wheelchair accessible.

  • Our group is larger than 10-12 people! We’ll do our best to accommodate!

  • Can I take photos? Yes! Just kindly refrain from shooting during performances. Time is set aside at the end to capture special memories.

  • What should I wear? Smart-casual or semi-formal dress is recommended.

Cancellation Policy |

  • Cancellations cannot be reimbursed so we encourage guests to be 100% certain that they will be able to attend before completing their reservation.

* A detailed itinerary will be emailed to you once your booking has been confirmed.