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Calm your spirit with the ancient ritual of samurai tea ceremony (Yabunouchi-style)

Calm your spirit with the ancient ritual of samurai tea ceremony (Yabunouchi-style)

from 72.00

Note: Minimum of two participants required. Solo guest may book at the price of two participants

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Experience Includes |

  • 15min - Introduction to the history of Japanese tea ceremony and the etiquette of eating Japanese sweets

  • 20min - Demonstration and explanation of the Yabunouchi style tea ceremony while enjoying koicha (thick green tea, which is the top ceremonial grade matcha)

  • 10min - Enjoying more Japanese sweets while learning about the procedures for preparing and drinking usucha (thin matcha).

  • 15min - Whisking and drinking your own usucha

  • 10min - Tasting Uji-tea.

    In addition, guests will be gifted with delicious tea to enjoy at home.

Availability |


Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Session 2 (11:00-12:10)
Session 3 (13:00-14:10)
Session 4 (15:00-16:10)
Session 5 (16:30-17:40)

Number of Participants:


Shimogyo, Kyoto
15 min. from Kyoto Sta.

Offered in Japanese, English, and Chinese

70 min. Experience

10 people max.

About Buke Sadou |

Buke Sadou | Boo・Keh・Sa・Doh
A specific form of tea ceremony reserved for the samurais in the Edo period

Sadou is the meditative art of preparing and drinking powdered green tea in a process that has its origins in 12th century Japan. One of the four great schools of tea in Kyoto, the Yabunouchike school of tea, was founded 400 years ago by Yabunouchi Kenchu. Every school of tea teaches hospitality and focuses on being present in the moment, but differ slightly in the serving and receiving process of the tea ceremony. Traditional scrolls, ikebana (flower arrangements), incense, kimono, sweets, matcha, tea tools, and the garden are key aspects of all schools of tea in Kyoto, but the Yabunounchike school of tea gives special attention to the “spirit” of its school and its traditions. Relax and immerse yourself in the aroma of matcha tea being prepared by a true tea master.  


Things to note |

  • Please make your booking at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Please kindly let us know in advance if you have wheat and/or soy allergies so that substitute sweets can be prepared. 

  • Children of any age can participate as long as they are supervised by their parents.

  • Special tea will be gifted to each participant at the end of the experience

Cancellation Policy |

  • See cancellation policy here.

* A detailed itinerary will be emailed to you once your booking has been confirmed.