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Copy of Copy of Experience 1

Copy of Copy of Experience 1

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Learn the soba-making process from a master at a real restaurant.

Try our exclusive class with Soba master Satoshi Eguchi.

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Kesen Carpentry

Learn this intricate woodwork from a local master.


Kesen carpentry is the the school of carpentry that originated in the Kesen region (now comprised of Rikuzentakata, Ofunato and Sumita in Iwate prefecture) during the Edo period. The lack of agricultural options and the bitter winters in this mountainous region originally forced its residents to learn and hone their carpentry skills, which became increasingly intricate and complex as these carpenters traveled the country and learned new techniques. The economic boost from the Meiji Restoration and the development of the Tohoku Main Line railways helped popularize this intricate artisanal carpentry style which was used to make houses, temples and furniture. Today, Kesen carpentry is known particularly for the way it does not utilize nails, screws or glue but depends exclusively on interlocking wooden pieces.


20 mins: Introduction to Artform
40 mins: Get hands-on and make your own coasters
30 mins: Discussion of your work

Finer details

  • Offered in Japanese only. If required, please select the interpreter option at checkout for $100 USD.

  • We can’t accommodate dietary requirements.