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Play soothing tunes with the Japanese short necked fretted lute

Play soothing tunes with the Japanese short necked fretted lute

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Experience Includes |

  • 10 min - A demonstration by the Biwa Musician

  • 15 min - An overview of the history of Biwa

  • 65 min - Learn how to play the Biwa

    You will be accompanied by a friendly Detouur guide who will interpret in your language of choice, from English, French, or German. If you require translation in another language, please let us know at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your request!

Availability |

Session 1 (11:00 - 12:30)
Session 2 (14:00 - 15:30)

Number of Participants:


Bunkyo, Tokyo
20 min. from Tokyo Station

Offered in Japanese
with English, French, or German interpretation

1.5 hr Experience

2 people max.

About Biwa |

Biwa | Bee・Wah

The chosen instrument of Benten, the goddess of music, eloquence, poetry, and education, the biwa is essential to traditional Japanese music. The short necked fretted lute has its origins in the Chinese “Pipa” and was one of the most popular instrument in Japan. The biwa was traditionally performed by blind singers, though this changed with time and the emergence of new biwa types. However, due to the Westernization of the Meiji period (1868-1912), the biwa was almost completely neglected. With efforts from Japanese musicians to protect traditional Japanese music, the biwa was revived again post-war. The biwa is embraced today by both Japanese and foreign musicians. Lose yourself in the calming melodies of the Japanese lute with a professional biwa musician.



Nobuko | The Biwa Performer

Nobuko Kawashima’s practice studio is a spacious, warmly lit room covered wall to wall with carpet. A feeling of anticipation fills the room, and the moment Nobuko begins to play the biwa, a traditional Japanese lute, it’s like every particle hushes to hear this sound and make sense of its story.
The biwa is not Nobuko’s first love; She used to be an actress in love with musical theatre. Western style music was where she found comfort, beauty, and inspiration. While she became more familiar with Western music, she began seeing a gap in her knowledge of Japanese music.
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