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Exclusive Vegan Buddhist Cooking Class - 10AM Feb 28 2019

Exclusive Vegan Buddhist Cooking Class - 10AM Feb 28 2019

from 260.00

Engage your spiritual connection with food through the art of "Shojin Ryori" – the 800 year-old practice of mindfully preparing plant-based cuisine.

Join Masami Asao, a Buddhist Monk with over 30 years experience in Shojin Ryori, as she teaches you to create 3 traditional vegan dishes designed to nourish the mind, body, and soul. 

Don't be fooled by the minimal appearance – this healthy and unadorned fare uses fresh seasonal produce and balanced seasonings to promote ascetic purity, unity with nature, and an appreciation of life itself. Not to mention, it's downright delicious! 

Held at a stunning private temple in Tsukiji not open to visitors, this is a rare opportunity to learn from and dine with a Shojin Ryori master in a truly enlightened space. 

Program (in English):
- Welcome & Introduction of the temple
- History of Shojin Ryori
- Preparation of 3 traditional dishes: 
1. Goma Dofu: Sesame Tofu
2. Ninjin no Kinpira: Carrots braised in a sweetened soy sauce
3. Horensou no gomaae: Spinach with a flavorful sesame sauce 
- Enjoy your cooking & discussion with Asao-san

$260 per person, max 12 participants.
Group discounts for 4+ people available.
($20 off per participant)

Number of Participants:

10AM Feb 28 2019

A spacious private temple, unusually located inside a residential building, with rooftop views of the area.
5mins from Tsukiji Station, Tokyo. Exact location will be shared after payment.

About the Master:
Masami Asao is a certified National Registered Dietitian, runs her own Shojin Ryori cooking school Akasaka Teran, and is a practising monk of 'Jodo Shinshu' Buddhism. Her mission is to bring the art of Shojin Ryori to new audience, and has recently expanded her workshops overseas to New York.

Dietary Details:
Please note the menu isn't Gluten Free. Let us know if you have any food allergies.


Chuo Ward,
About 10 min from Tokyo station

Offered in Japanese
and English

3 hour experience

12 people max.